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Accurate density measurement for petroleum products

Don Horne   

Accurately measure the density of crude oil, butane, diesel fuel, distillates, gasoline, ethane gas, isobutene, jet fuels, LPG, such as kerosene or propane using a Dynatrol CL-10-HY density cell and Series 2000 density digital converter.

Dynatrol cells come in a full range of corrosion-resistant materials that are both weather-tight and explosion proof.  They also serve broad temperature and pressure ratings – with no moving parts for long operating life.  The Dynatrol CL10HY-V2 Cell is double-sealed for protection against leaks and provides density measurement for high-pressure service up to 1480 PSIG.

The Series 2000 digital converter has an onboard microcontroller.  It is ready to use with no programming.  The Petrochemical Software provided with the converter calculates specific gravity, API gravity and can also display corrected gravities using information generated from the density cell.





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