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Climbing silos driving you nuts?

Don Horne   

This fall, leave bin climbing behind.

Want to stop climbing bins and silos? Keep employees safely on the ground: let BinMaster sensors and software replace manual silo measurements.


Working like an automated tape measure, a weighted cable descends to the material surface to measure at preset time intervals or on demand. Highly reliable, SmartBob options include models for high temperatures, top or side mounting, measuring submersed solids, wireless communications, and more.


Non-Contact Radar

Powers through dust to measure a single point on the material surface. Updates in seconds. Fixed or swivel mounting, including a one-half inch NPT mounting option for use in an existing process connection, make it easy to install and target inventory for accurate continuous measurement.




Measure multiple points on the material surface to detect irregularities and account for them in calculating volume. Dust penetrating, and non-contact – 3DLevelScanners are proven performers in powders and bulk solids.

Send data to your PLC or use your phone or PC to get inventory data from BinView or Binventory software.


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