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ezEX RJ45 Starter Kit

February 11, 2020   Don Horne

Platinum Tools  announces the launch of the new ezEX RJ45 Starter Kit (p/n 90188).

“In today’s networks, twisted pair cables are demanding more speed and bandwidth, often carrying power in PoE applications,” explained John Phillips, Platinum Tools, Inc. product manager. “To help meet these requirements and the changes in cable they have necessitated, customers are converting to the ezEX line of connectors. Platinum Tools’ new ezEX RJ45 Starter Kit provides an easy way to make the switch and meet these higher performance demands.”

The new ezEX RJ45 Starter Kit contains:

  • EXO Crimp Frame with EXO-EX Die
  • ezEX38 connector (25pcs.)
  • ezEX44 connector (50pcs.)
  • ezEX48 connector (25pcs.)
  • ezEX strain reliefs in asst. colors (20pcs.)

The patented EXO Crimp Frame with the interchangeable EXO-EX Die is designed to terminate the patented, pass-through ezEX-RJ45 connectors. This new series of connectors will cover a wide range of insulation diameters (conductors) and cable jacket diameters, making it easy to select the right connector for your cable. All three sizes, ezEX38, ezEX44, and ezEX48, shielded or non-shielded, are rated for 10 Gig and PoE+ and can be used for Cat6A, Cat6, and Cat5e, covering a full insulation diameter range of 0.83mm-1.22mm.

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2 Comments » for ezEX RJ45 Starter Kit
  1. Tim Paterson says:


    your title is “ezEX JR45 Starter Kit” the JR45 should be RJ45?

    I’m sure that in the past year this has already been identified, but just in case.

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