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New electric fracturing solution unveiled at Houston OTC

Don Horne   

Jereh Group unveiled its latest electric fracturing solution at OTC 2019 in Houston, Texas this week.

The Jereh electric fracturing fleet is named after its design concepts and is “safe, eco-friendly, economical and reliable,” according to Max Liu, president of North American region.

A conventional fracturing fleet is usually powered by over twenty large diesel engines up to 2,500 BHP each, which usually comes with PAH emission, noise pollution, larger footprint, high fuel and labor cost.

To overcome the challenges, Jereh recently held a grand launch ceremony in China to introduce its self-developed electric fracturing fleet for shale gas development. The fleet runs on electricity generated by gas turbine genset rather than diesel, which brings a greener and more economical way for fracturing operations.

The trailer mounted electric frac pumper exhibited at OTC is designed based on Jereh’s new electric drive technology but customized for North American market.

The Jereh 5000QPN plunger pump with brake horsepower of 5000 hp each features high rate and high power. Also, the 10″ stroke realizes lower cycles under the same displacement requirement, extending service life significantly. It is estimated that the cost for fluid end consumables is reduced by up to 40 per cent using Jereh 5000QPN plunger pump.

With design power of 10,000 hp, Jereh electric frac pumper achieves higher power density, reducing maintenance cost and on-site labour cost. Furthermore, the overall noise is lowered to less than 90 dB at five-metre distance, creating a safe and eco-friendly environment for operators and residents.

Having served the American market for 11 years, Jereh now owns a production base of 37 acres in Houstonand three spare parts warehouses will be set up locally this year. Jereh will serve customers in the region with more quality products and services in a swift and efficient way. or


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