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New series of vertical-mount pumps

Don Horne   

KSBksb0615 has introduced a new generation of space-saving vertical-mount pumps for industrial applications such as washing or degreasing systems. The new Etanorm V pumps are designed to be installed in tanks, with the pump components submerged in the pumped medium and the motor mounted in a dry location above the tank. There are two variants of the basic Etanorm V design. “Wet” models feature hard wearing silicon-carbide shaft bearings that are lubricated by the pumped medium. “Dry” models are intended for use where the product being pumped does not have good lubricating properties and feature generously sized sealed ball bearings to support the drive shaft. (Both types of pumps are intended for use with non-corrosive fluids that do not contain abrasive solid materials.) The hydraulic components of these new pumps have been carefully optimized to ensure good energy efficiency. As well, the mechanical layout has been designed to simplify maintenance and overhaul operations. Etanorm V pumps are available with developed heads of up to 100 metres and capacities as high as 740 cubic metres per/hr. Material choices include cast iron or stainless steel for the volute casings and cast iron, stainless steel or bronze for the impellers.


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