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Welcome to carbon tax week!

Don Horne   


By Dan McTeague / Canadians for Affordable Energy

Welcome to carbon tax week! It’s that time of year again when our friendly federal government hikes up tax prices in the midst of a health crisis. As of Wednesday, prices in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have increased by $10 per tonne of CO2.

What does this look like for the consumer? In approximate numbers, it means Ontario carbon taxes on natural gas will cost $145 yearly, on propane they will be $116 per year. Gasoline prices will now include a 7.5 cent/litre carbon tax, and diesel taxes will now be 9.1 cents a litre.

For Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – carbon taxes on natural gas will cost $136 yearly (or more based on temperatures), the tax on propane will be $107 yearly (or more based on temperatures), gasoline prices will now include a 7 cent/litre carbon tax, and diesel carbon taxes will now be 8.5 cents a litre.*

Over two million Canadians have filed for job loss claims since COVID-19 began shutting down businesses across the country. Yet the government’s response continues to be to take more money from consumers.


Justin Trudeau continues to insist that this tax costs families nothing because they will get it all back. In reality the cost of anything affected by energy prices – food production, transportation, gas, and more – will continue to rise and the rebate offered by the government will do very little to decrease those costs, or help the businesses absorbing them.

We are in a crisis, as Justin Trudeau reminds us daily. He also constantly reminds us that our government is here for us. Why then is his government increasing the cost of living for Canadians, many of whom are out of work? Why does he continue to place his radical climate agenda above the good of the citizens of this country?

There are grand schemes to distribute largesse to many affected businesses and workers, but these will be difficult to work through. Simply not taxing would be much easier and more effective. But Trudeau doesn’t want to stop digging into our pockets.

Our government is turning a deaf ear to a real fear among Canadians for their financial future. Canada is now the only known nation globally to be imposing or increasing taxes in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is time for the Trudeau government to get serious about helping Canadians and get rid of the carbon tax.

*These numbers are estimates based on average usage.


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