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Meshing analytics with water purification systems

Don Horne   


Taking advantage of technology developed in recent years, MECO has announced smartANALYTICS as a means of connecting its water purification machines and systems with big data analytics.

“Predictive maintenance is better than reactive,” said George Gsell, MECO President. “If one considers the overall footprint of a water purification system it can be quite involved. In addition to energy consumption and water recovery rates, there can be chemical consumptions, cleanings, and membrane life and filter disposals. With the information at hand, our team is able to share knowledge and best practices.”

While data acquisition and trending has been commonplace throughout the industry, MECO smartANALYTICS is designed to be predictive and supportive for optimizing operation of their water system.

MECO smartANALYTICS enables substantial amounts of operating data to be continuously profiled against design data and other identical or similar systems in the field. Big data and profiling provides the ability to see minute changes or patterns more readily and hence quickly provide information to customers such that they can optimize performance, avert unscheduled downtime and proactively engage resources as necessary.


“Water purification is critical to so many different industries,” says Gsell. “This technology enables us to be more closely connected to our clients, to service their needs more proactively and aid them in operating their plants in the most proficient manner.”



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