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Transformer trip responsible for Suncor site-wide outage

Don Horne   


Preliminary investigation results provided by Suncor indicate that the cause of the June 20 power disruption was a transformer trip in Syncrude’s power house resulting in a rapid site-wide loss of power and steam generation, resulting in all process units being brought down.

There were no injuries or safety incidents as a result of this outage.

Power and steam systems have been fully restored, the assessment and repair for the transformer is underway, and the safe and staged return to operations has begun.

One coker, producing approximately 150,000 barrels per day (bbls/d), is expected to return to service during the second half of July. A second coker, producing approximately 100,000 bbls/d, is expected to return to service during the first half of August.


However, coke removal is required on the remaining coker due to the nature of the shutdown. In order to mitigate the impact, Syncrude will investigate advancing some of the planned maintenance for this coker that had been originally scheduled for the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019.

Pipeline shipments of treated product are estimated to be approximately 60 per cent to 70 per cent of capacity for August. It is expected that Syncrude will ramp up to full production in early to mid-September.

(Suncor Energy Inc.)


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