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Product Pumps

Dry-run-resistant WR650 for pump wear parts

September 13, 2019

Greene Tweed highlights WR650, a next-generation PFA composite with superior dry run characteristics designed to replace metallic wear parts in centrifugal pumps and other pump applications. Metallic wear parts fail quickly in dry run conditions, giving pump operators limited time

Product FlowmetersPressurePumps

Eight-Path Meter offers highest accuracy flow measurement

September 10, 2019

Emerson has introduced the Daniel 3418 Eight-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter, which delivers highly accurate flow measurement in natural gas custody transfer applications with reduced upstream piping requirements and without flow conditioning. The Daniel 3418 compensates for flow distortions that result

Product Plant Safety

Fire suppression without the toxicity

September 3, 2019

Amtrust Biochemical introduces FlameOut+ Foam Fire Suppressor, the first environmentally friendly foam fire solution. It is a 100 per cent organic/non-toxic (No PFOA, PFOS, PFAS), non-corrosive/HALON replacement. Throughout the world, there is heightened concern about the long-lasting toxic effects of using standard foam suppressants. The toxic chemicals emitted from foam

Product EnclosuresEnvironmentalFiltration Systems

CLEAN-GARD 83 ideal for ultrasonic cleaning

August 28, 2019

Madison Chemical introduces CLEAN-GARD 83, a cutting-edge, alkaline detergent specifically designed for removing aged, oxidized, burned-on oil, removing grease, and for other difficult cleaning operations. Intended for immersion application, including ultrasonic and agi-lift, as well as recirculation spray washers up

Product Pumps

Fluoroelastomers enhance performance of pumps, valves and seals

August 22, 2019

Components used in industrial equipment must withstand taxing conditions in order to reduce downtime needed to repair or replace malfunctioning parts. To help manufacturers of industrial parts address this challenge, AGC Chemicals Americas offers AFLAS 100 series fluoroelastomers to enhance

Product Tools

New Fecon Deck Mulcher attachments more productive per pass

August 22, 2019

Fecon introduces a family of stout deck mulcher attachments that are wider than conventional deck mulchers, providing more productivity per pass, even in the most demanding environments. Ruggedness and dependability are built in, with attention to detailed design to enhance

Product Pressure

Higher pressure ranges for X4B series of pressure transducers, transmitters

August 21, 2019

Viatran has responded to the challenging demands of high-pressure oil and gas, industrial and test applications with the addition of 0-20,000 psi and 0-30,000 psi ranges to the X4B series. The X4B Series models and options now allow you to

Product Tools

New M12 FUEL Installation Drill/Driver

August 20, 2019

Milwaukee Tool continues to drive jobsite productivity to new heights with the introduction of the M12 FUEL Installation Drill/Driver, developed specifically for the installation phase of construction and for MEP service contractors. The versatile new tool features four dedicated solutions

Product Plant Safety

Revolutionize plant sanitization with safest washdown system

August 20, 2019

In food processing, dairy, beverage, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical facilities maintaining a clean environment is critical. High temperature washdown equipment is used to quickly and efficiently clean and sanitize equipment in place to keep production running on time. These washdown

Product MotorsWireless Communications

Integrated motors with PoE for space-constrained and remote locations

August 20, 2019

Applied Motion Products introduces the TSM14POE StepSERVO Integrated Motor with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality commonly used in IT applications such as wireless access points, IP cameras and VoIP phones. PoE technology provides DC power and Ethernet communications over a